maandag 23 november 2009

New toy!

Ever since i got my new Singer 7442 last january i had problems with it..I could not sew seams that where visible because i just could not get them neat and nice..stitches where uneven or i could just pull a thread and undo all the stitching. Good thing was that i got this deal with it that i could return it within the year and get my money back ( when purchasing another machine that is) and here it is:

My brandnew Janome 3030!!!
It sews so nice and it even has a switch for slow sewing, even when you push the footpedal to the metal, hahaha..

I just tried it one evening, i have been down with a nasty stomach flu this weekend and just feeling well enough to sit behind the computer...

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patricias fabric art zei

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