vrijdag 14 januari 2011

I am back!!

I promised to do better last year, but ending up doing worse..

But now i am back and hopefully will find the time to show some of my new creations..I haven't been sewing much the last year, i just did not feel up to it. But now...we have a new baby on the way; due May 2...so lots of things to sew again...i am working on a playpenquilt and finished a diaperbag...but ofcourse it's night now so pics soon!!

I also quit swapping last year but just signed in for a valentine apron swap on country pleasures! Looking forward to that too!!!

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Keke zei

Whoo hoo! It worked! Cute site.... I'm working on your apron too and I'm so excited...I went to my favorite independent fabric store today and got a bunch of really yummy vintage styled fabric... Is there anything I should know about mailing to you as far as customs is concerned???