dinsdag 30 december 2008

I am in this swap

Would you like to join in on some fun, look here...

dinsdag 23 december 2008

It has been a while........

Since i posted here..I have been busy with our little one, some christmas sewing and some sewing for our boy's room and ofcourse swaps. We went to Ikea yesterday and bought a new matrass, can't wait for it to arrive, since our little one is growing so fast my back hurts whenever i get up in the morning and it is getting worse during the day...we also got a new kitchen lamp, some kitchen thingies and ofcourse......fabric....

zaterdag 22 november 2008

we have two winners

Since the response was so little for my blog giveaway that i decided to send to everybody who commented. Sanna and Rebecca, the speculaas packages are coming your way this week!
I will be doing another blog giveaway soon!!

Another Swap

Barbara and I did a trade, i send her some of the owl beads i sell on Etsy, and she is sending me some of her fabulous mushrooms...She received her beads and look what she did with them, isn't that a "hoot"?

dinsdag 18 november 2008

For our Tree and more sewing...

I bought some more decorations for the tree, some felt ornaments, and some wooden mooses and trees too, in the picture there is also the lavender bag i got from Erna.

I also sew some more matryoshka dolls and a few gnome tissuecovers. They are in my Etsy.

November Giveaway!!!

I am participating in a swap where you had to send a cookie cutter and a recipe. Since it is alsmost Sinterklaas (5 december) and the Dutch like to eat Speculaas around this time of the year I decided to send a real dutch kind of a cutter. It is a wooden speculaas board and it works like a stamp. With that I send a bag of speculaas spices and ofcourse the speculaas recipe. I thought it would be nice to give this package away on my blog too...

So what do you need to do to win this speculaaspackage? Leave me a message and tell me what you like about this time of the year and your favourite occupation..
I will draw a name and announce the winner on saturday november 22....

zondag 16 november 2008

Fall Market

I went to a fall market at a elementary school because i read on the Blij als mij blog that Erna was going to be there with her handmade products, i got these terrific christmas tree decorations, there are wooden stars, cute birdies and felt balls, dont you just love the colour?
I said hello to Erna and she gave me a lavender bag also in red and white, wasn't that sweet of her?

Matryoshka dolls

I made these dolls two weeks ago, my husband took the camera to work so i did not get a chance to show these dolls earlier, glad he did not delete the pictures...

zondag 2 november 2008

Dutch Print

I got this cute Dutch print fabric for a FQ swap where you had to send fabric from where you are from. From the remnants i sew some bookmarks and covered a little notebook..

zaterdag 1 november 2008

Mushroom love

For a Mushroom swap i hosted and participated in I received this great swap from Anamari from Finland. She made me a mushroom key-ring, a notebook, a handcarved stamp and some tiny handpainted wooden mushrooms. I absolute love what she sent me, I am crazy about white on red polkadots so that is why i love mushrooms!!!

dinsdag 28 oktober 2008

swaps and such

I have been a member of Swapbot since May this year, i have received many great swaps and yesterday i was sewing an owl teacozy for a handmade owl swap i am hosting there... this is how it turned out, hope my partner likes it!

I also made some fabric pears and apples from scraps that weren't big enough for anything else (i could not think of anything else) I think they turned out pretty great and will make more for my etsy shop!

From the Heart

I finally decided to make a blog of my own, as I enjoy reading other ( sewers) blogs. I hope to show my sewing creations here and write about my everyday life..I am not much of a writer but i hope i can better myself with this blog...
I am not much of a photographer either, but will try and show what keeps me busy......