dinsdag 18 november 2008

November Giveaway!!!

I am participating in a swap where you had to send a cookie cutter and a recipe. Since it is alsmost Sinterklaas (5 december) and the Dutch like to eat Speculaas around this time of the year I decided to send a real dutch kind of a cutter. It is a wooden speculaas board and it works like a stamp. With that I send a bag of speculaas spices and ofcourse the speculaas recipe. I thought it would be nice to give this package away on my blog too...

So what do you need to do to win this speculaaspackage? Leave me a message and tell me what you like about this time of the year and your favourite occupation..
I will draw a name and announce the winner on saturday november 22....

5 opmerkingen:

Mon Petit Lapin zei

Hi I found your blog from your lovely pictures on Flickr, you have made some lovely things!

Lovely colours in your giveaway I would love to try to make Speculaas as I have never had them before :) At this time of year I love the cold crisp days and the red and green colours that take over in my sewing which is my favourite occupation ;)

sanna zei

Hi, I'm glad you liked the swap I´m hosting.! :) Your package seems really nice! At this time of year I love the awaiting atmosphere; everybody seems to wait snow (I'm glad we got some lately!) and Christmas. Don´t know which is my favourite thing to do... maybe all that preparing as it´s almost as fun as the Christmas itself.

daina zei

I hate that I missed this! Such a kind give-away!!!

buebau zei

I'm late too... :(

buebau zei

And congrats to both the winners :)