donderdag 3 september 2009

Sewing again.......

a month ago (on his first birthday) our little one suddenly decided not to sleep in his crib anymore..we tried everything...sitting or sleeping in the same room with him, moving his crib to our bedroom, we even took him to the doctors and got him drugs ( too bad they did not work).

How sad is that?...... Last Sunday we where so fed up with it..we decided that whatever happened we would let him sleep in his own bed, and it worked!! He would cry for 1,5 hours, next day 1 hour and the third day for only 10 minutes and yesterday and today went to bed without any crying at all!! Guess what i have been doing for the last few nights? ....Yes..finally sewing again..I have made a playpenquilt for the playpen at my parents house, another quiltie for a swap ( they still need binding, so pics later) and have been cutting squares and strips like a madwoman with my new quilting knife and ruler..

I joined the Good old summerquilt swap and i send my quiltie to Michaela in Germany over a month ago ( bad habit no pic) and got a message that she had received it and liked it.

And today i got my quiltie/wallhanging from Charlotte from the USA..

Don''t you just love the colours?...

Off the computer to sew and cut some more...

Hopefully i will have some more to show soon, i will try and better myself..i really intend to!

2 opmerkingen:

shelia zei

so nice to see you at it again!
check in more often...i love to hear from you..:)

Diddi zei

Very good that you hardended your heart a few nights... so your boy learned to caml down and go to sleep by himself.. thats a great victory..
Not easy.. but necessary..
Good job..