zaterdag 19 maart 2011

As promised

I promised a while back that i would show pics of the apron i sent for the CP Valentines Apron Swap. When i wanted to upload the pics, i accidently stuffed the usb-cable in the wrong port and my new laptop broke down, so it had to be repaired. When i got the laptop back i was hesitant to upload pics again..but i was brave and did so tonight..Unfortunately the pic of the apron i sewed for my partner wasn't on my computer anymore, and she hasn't received it yet..(Keke if you are reading this, i will replace it if you still havent gotten it in another week or so) But i do have pics of the wonderfull apron my partner send me for this swap.

I have also been making some sweats for our boy from old sweaters from me, i just followed the tutorial on, very easy and fun to do!

And i have started on a few quilts; one for our boy, one for the new baby, one for my mom, and one for me...all from 5 inch squares...i need lots and lots of them, so in order to get those i have been doing a few fun scrap/square swaps!
Nothing to show yet..but now that the picture uploading went well i will soon...

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