vrijdag 27 maart 2009

Some sewing...

I made some pincushions for my shop. They are made from linen, some with stamped text on them, some with vintage laces, and some with some japanese fabrics..i have some more in the making, but thought i'd show them off!!!

2 opmerkingen:

zigzago zei

Mooi werk! Ik kwam bij jou terecht via Shelia. Ikzelf ben Belgische maar woon al lang in Italie. Ik blijf je zeker volgen.
Als je wenst kom eens een kijkje nemen, m'n blog is nieuw.

Anoniem zei

Your blog is beautiful and you are very talented! I hope one day I am able to sew half as nicely as you :)
I will come often to enjoy the lovelies you make.
Greetings from Mexico!