donderdag 22 januari 2009

Pre Valentine Giveaway

Again it has been a while since i posted...i am busy sewing a apron for this swap i am in..

And some fabulous fifties bibs for our little one, since he is started eating some food, he is going trough bibs and burbcloths like crazy and i can't keep up with washing them, so why not sew him some new ones...

But something else...i know I like sewing, and i love to give things away, so here's your change to win a fat quarter of Sandi Hendersons Henna Garden in red, along with some bits and bobbles that go with the fabric.

All you need to do is tell me what you'd make out of this fat quarter if you win this in a comment.

I will draw a name Friday January 30 so the fabric will hopefully make it in time to you for a little Valentine sewing!!!

9 opmerkingen:

buebau zei

I love love love this fabric!
If I win I'll make a wallet like this and a valentine lavander heart :)
Thank you for the chace to win this beautie!

NotYetTheDodo zei

I will use it in combination with linen for a bag. (If I win it, that is....) It needs to be displayed around town, it is sooo lovely!!!
Thanks for putting this out here! :-)

She zei

I'd use the fabric to make pockets for a bag I am sewing-it matches perfectly!
maumauisginger (at) gmail (dot) com

Galinha Maria zei

It's lovely!! If I win I'll make a heart pillow!

TattingChic zei

Oh, that is a lovely fabric! I would make a little stuff heart, embellished with tatted lace that accentuated the pattern/color and embellished with other bits and baubles, too! It's beautiful fabric! Perfect for decorating for Valentine's day with! :)

Mel zei

I would make a small basket liner. I weave baskets and have one that's just the right size!

She'sSewPretty zei

Thanks for visiting me. I'd love to enter your giveaway too!

pien zei

Oh, ik kan niet bedenken wat ik ervan wil maken maar ik vind m mooi! Misschien een zoet babyjurkje voor m'n kraamcadeautjes, heb nog lichtroze tricot voor een shirtje erbij..

domoshar zei

When I first saw it I though a bag. But I will make a pillow. It will make a lovely patchwork pillow for the new coach we are waiting for and I will see it every day :).
What I will add, unbleached cotton, linen, some fresh greens, and pale blues, just to make this beauty stand out.